Updated: 2020-03-16
On March 16th, after the government declared the quarantine and emergency situation in the whole territory of the Republic of Lithuania and so did other European countries, in order to ensure the safety of you, the participants, spectators, volunteers and the whole team, we decided to move the event to its regular date - June 7th.

We understand how hard you have worked, how much effort you have put into this run and we hope that changing the date of the event will not only lessen the emotions that you get crossing the finish line, but will only intensify it as you wait for the day. This year, we believed that a new date for the event would have led to even higher goals and better results, but in quickly changing situation on a daily basis, we support the government's steps to control the spread of COVID-19 virus as soon as possible.

For those who registered for April 26th running, no additional action required, your registration is valid for the June 7th event. We'll see everyone in the beginning of summer in Kaunas, stay healthy!

Regimantas Tarasevičius
Race director of Kaunas Marathon 2020

„Kaunas Marathon“ – record worth track with stunning historical city atmosphere!

Start your summer beating the marathon or a shorter distance in undiscovered Lithuanian city – Kaunas.

Marathon course starts in the city hall, filled with 16th century vibes and continues with the old town view of historical,14th century castle remains, surrounded by two biggest Lithuanian rivers. Course will surprise you with large variety of architecture styles like: Medieval, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Modernist, Soviet era and modern times.

In 2020, the “Kaunas marathon” will be held for the eight-time, and is hoping to attract a big number of international participants and fans. 2015 marathon winner, Antonia Johnson from Scotland, was surprised and amazed by our marathon course.

“It was so flat and nice to run that you can easily reach your personal best. Running two laps for the marathon on the straight streets, old town, and beautiful parks was fun and easy. A gentle breeze from the rivers helped too.”

AIMS measurements confirmed that the difference between the lowest and highest points of the course is just 14 meters. This beats the fastest world marathon course in Berlin, where difference reaches 25 meters.

The event organizers are trying to increase the number of professional athletes competing in the annual Kaunas Marathon. Therefore an additional 600 euro money prize is dedicated for the new marathon course record and 400 euro for the half-marathon course record. Participate in our event and be the one to beat it!

Don't forget that „Kaunas marathon“ gathers not only full and half marathon runners. We offer 10 K and 5 K distances and short but fun, 1,5 K distance - Family run. All smaller distances participants run through the brick paved, vivid Kaunas old town streets and Confluence Park, where two biggest Lithuania rivers – Nemunas and Neris confluence.

„Kaunas marathon“ offers live music, dance shows and extreme sports enthusiasts performances, just to make it more enjoyable not only for runners but also for fans. This event is not just about running, it’s a big feast for the whole city.

Come, participate and enjoy the entertaining, wide and flat „Kaunas Marathon“ course on June 7th 2020.