Race rules-Regulations

Race rules / regulations

Kaunas marathon 2020 rules and regulations
The public enterprise „VšĮ Kauno maratono klubas“ („Kaunas marathon club“) is organizing the running event „Kaunas marathon 2020“ on April 26, 2020.
During the event, running enthusiasts and professionals will be able to compete in the following distances:
1. Marathon 42 km 195 m;
2. Halfmarathon 21 km 98 m;
3. 10 km run;
4. 5 km run;
5. Family 1,5km run;
6. Kids 400m run;
Kaunas Old Town, Town Hall square „Rotušė“
Event starts on 6:00 am and finishes on 16:30 pm.
8:30 - marathon, half-marathon start
9:30 – 10K start
12:30 – 400m kids run start
13:35 - 1,5K family run start
14:30 – 5K start
1. 42 Km 195 m – 5 hours and 30 minutes.
2. 21 Km 98 m – 2 hours and 45 minutes.
3. 10 Km 1 hour and 20 minutes.
4. 5 Km - 60 minutes.
5. On the race day, after 15:30 pm., the event timetable will be stopped and the city streets will be opened for traffic. Therefore, past 15:30 pm. the event organizers won‘t take any responsibility for the safety on the marathon course.
1. All the runners will be able to participate in this event, after filling the participant’s registration form, passing a medical examination and confirming this on the registration form. Registration fee is nonrefundable. All the participants compete in this event at their own free will and risk (including various health issues etc.). Participants have no obligations to express any complains for the event organizers, related with their experienced health issues during the event and after it.
2. In order to receive the race bib numbers, participants must have a personal identification document.
3. After registration process to the event every participant authorises, that he or she gives all the rights to use still and moving images in which he or she appears for marketing purposes without additional permission of the participant. In addition, the personal race results are stored, processed and publicised to create a database of results (also historical), which also allows for the printing of personalized result certificates. By registering, the participant consents to the storage, processing and use of the data for these purposes.
4. The results from your participation (race number, first and last name, gender, age group, ranking, time, country, city and club) will be published after each event on the online www.kaunasmarathon.lt results page.
5. By registering every participant agrees to receive emails and SMS regarding event organisers.
6. Marathon participants must be 18 or older on the day of the event.
7. Half-marathon participants must be 16 or older on the day of the event.
8. Parents or legal guardians take full responsibility for participants under 18. All participants under 18 years have to bring printed and signed agreements when picking up starting packages.
9. Children 400m run participants must be 5 or older on the day of the event. Maximum age for participants is 12 years.
10. Age groups for marathon and half marathon events:
Men Women
V   1981–2002 M   1981–2002
V40   1971–1980 M40   1971–1980
V50   1961–1970 M50   1961–1970
V60   1951–1960 M60   1951–1960
V70   1950 ir vyresni M70   1950 ir vyresnės
1. A person may register to any event only on his or her own name. It is forbidden to pass one‘s own number to another participant. In such case, the participants will be disqualified, and the results won‘t be included into the competition result list.
2. Registered participant is able to change the running distance, or any information related with his profile, with a 5 EUR – fee charge.
2.1. If the participant wishes to choose the shorter distance, he/she must pay 5 EUR swap fee. In addition, participant loses the right to receive the event T-shirt, which will be given to longer distance runners.
2.2. If the participant wishes to choose the longer distance, he/she must cover the entry fee difference, which applies to the valid distance entry fee, charged on the swap day. In addition, 5 EUR swap fee is also charged.
3. Registration information and distance length changes are fulfilled when the participant sends an email with the payment prove copy and detailed changes description, to this email address: info@kaunasmarathon.lt All the changes must be done no later than 2020-04-20.
Organization name: VŠĮ "Kauno maratono klubas"
Company code: 302437756
Company adress: Laisvės al. 51a-206, Kaunas, Lietuva
Bank acount: LT98 7044 0600 0720 8150
Bank: AB SEB
Bank code: 70440
Telex 261601 VILBK LT

4. Entry fee is nonrefundable and can’t be transferred to other participants.
5. Participants who can not participate in “Citadele Kaunas marathon 2019” can move their registration to the following year’s event. Service fee is 10 EUR. All changes in the registration have to be made until 2019-04-20.
6. Every participant must have the race bib number properly attached to the shirt. The number must locate on the shirtfront, chest area. Race number must be clearly visible.
7. Participants, spectators and fans are strictly forbidden to use any means of transport, like bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards and other wheeled transport. Participants violating this rule will be disqualified.
8. Participants are not allowed to have any personal escort during the race. Participants violating this rule will be disqualified.
9. To guaranty participants safety, all animals and pets are forbidden on the competition courses. Participants violating this rule will be disqualified.
10. Every participating runner must have time measuring electronic stripe attached to his or her number. Participants who will fail to attach or will do that improperly, will not have their recorded race time. In addition, such participant will not be included into the race protocol.
11. Any deviation from the set course (without permission of the judge) is prohibited. Participants violating this rule will be disqualified.
12. Any claims or complains must be submitted in written form to the chief referee of the competition, no later than 30 minutes after the end of the race. Participant who wishes to submit the claim must pay the fee of 50 EUR, which is retrieved only if the appeal commission (the director of the marathon, the chief referee, the representative of the LAF) accepts the claim. The claims are processed only after the fee payment.
13. During the race, participants are forbidden to use any music devices or equipment that may impair their hearing.
14. Race results are compiled according to the official race time count.
1. All the race courses starts and finishes in the Kaunas Old Town, Town Hall square „Rotušė“.
2. Multiple refreshment stations will be established on the marathon/half-marathon course. Stations will serve energy drinks, water and fruits. Approximate food station location will be every 2,5 kilometers, from the start line.
3. Bio-toilets, on the marathon course will be set up near the refreshment stations.
4. The marathon, half-marathon tracks have been measured and certified and technically prepared for competitions in accordance with The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Racing Rules and Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) requirements.
1. Absolute marathon winners and prizewinners will get “Kaunas marathon” trophies.
2. Marathon and half marathon prizewinners will get money prizes and partners gifts:
1 place   600EUR 1 place   600EUR
2 place   300EUR 2 place   300EUR
3 place   200EUR 3 place   200EUR
Kaunas marathon course record   600EUR
Lithuanian marathon record   10 000EUR
Men Woman
1 place   150EUR 1 place   150EUR
2 place   100EUR 2 place   100EUR
3 place   50EUR 3 place   50EUR
Half-marathon course record   400EUR
3. Age group prizewinners (section 5.10) will receive prizes of event partners.
4. Every participant, who will cross finish line will receive memorial medal.
1. Registration fees are announced on event website, under the registration section. www.kaunasmarathon.com
2. Registration fee is nonrefundable and cannot be passed to other participants.
3. Free registration, made through companies or other parties is nonrefundable.
1. All participants can register online at www.kaunasmarathon.com till 2019 04 24 (inluded). On April 25-26, online registration will not work.
2. Bib number pickup on April 24-25th the Kaunas Old Town, Town Hall square „Rotušė“ from 11am till 9pm.
3. In order, to receive other participant’s bib number or race pack, person must provide the copy of his or her identity-proving document.
4. Participants who properly filled the registration form and made the entry fee payment will be included to the race start list.
5. All participants may register on the day of the event from 6 a.m. The registration will be closed 30 minutes before the start of each race. 6. Race package content must be checked during the pickup. After the event, race packages cannot be received or changed.
7. Participants may pick-up their starting package and the bib number at the day of the event April 26th from 6 am. in the information centre at Kaunas old town square. The number pick-up will be closed 15 minutes before the start of each distance.
8. During the bib number pickup, participants must answer to questions, located on the number’s backside. Information will be related with their health and relatives contact information.
1. Event organizers have a right to change rules.