For Tourists

Hi, welcome to Kaunas

It‘s Kaunastic to have you here for Kaunas marathon (and to see you here in Kaunas, of course!). Never heard of the word? We’re sure it’ll be your favourite one after your visit!

Kaunas marathon will take place on the 10th of June, starting in the heart of the city – near the Town Hall of Kaunas. The Start and Finish line will be nearby our Tourist Information Center (Rotušės a. 15, so if you have any questions, we will be here and more than happy to help you).

We can’t wait to meet you for your Kaunastic time here. Here we have some great news and special offers for you from the 8th to 10th of June:

  • We offer you to explore the city during our 2 free city guided tours around the Old Town of Kaunas. One will take place on the 8th of June, starting at 4 P.M., and the second – the 9th of June, starting 11 A.M. Interested, buddy? You should register on: +370 616 23 828 or e-mail us on;
  • We offer to explore the culture: All the branches of Kaunas city museum will offer you the 50 % discount for your ticket.
  • We offer you to meet M. K. Čiurlionis in Kaunas: in the M. K. Čiurlionis National Art museum you could also get a 50 % discount for your ticket;
  • We offer you to explore Kaunas as a city of two rivers: the boat „Kaunas“ on the 8th of June, 4 P.M. offers you a boat ride near the Old Town of Kaunas for a great special price. The boat ticket will cost 4 Eur/per person and 15 Eur for a family (two adults and two children; children should be 6 – 12 years). For reservations and more information, please contact on the phone +370 609 86020. More information about „Nemunas Travel“ you can find here;
  • We offer you a gastronomy trip around Kaunas: these restaurants will give a 10 % discount for their dishes from the menu:

To get any of the special offers above, you will need to show your participant number or registration confirmation. Have a great time enjoying Kaunas, hope you will have a #kaunastic run!