For Tourists

HI, we are happy to meet you here in Kaunas!

All the lovers & enthusiasts of running can’t wait for the 9th of June, when the “Citadele Kaunas marathon” will take place in the streets of Kaunas. Is it possible, that it will be your first-time visiting Kaunas? We would be more than happy to help you getting to know our lovely city a bit better during your visit.

To explore and fall in love with Kaunas, the Kaunas agency for tourism, investment and city promotion “Kaunas IN” will provide you 2 free tours in the old-town of Kaunas: on the 8th of June, starting at 4:00 PM (1 excursion in Lithuanian, and the other one – in English). You just need to register on the official website of “Citadele Kaunas Marathon”.

The team of “Kaunas IN” would also be happy to help you finding the best places in town to take a walk, get a cup of coffee, try some amazing brunch or dinner, explore the street art of Kaunas, to discover local museums & architecture, galleries & boutiques and much more. All the information and personal recommendations you may need, maps of Kaunas, cute & kaunastic souvenirs for your family and friends will be waiting for you at our Tourism information center (Rotušės a. 15).

We can’t wait to meet you for your Kaunastic time here. And for this special occasion, we also have some great news and amazing offers for you from the 7th to 9th of June:

To explore the history of Kaunas:

To recover after the finish:

  • Cafe“Ali šokoladinė“ invites all the runners to have a cup of coffee, free of charge.
  • Bar“B2O“ invites all the runners to have lunch and to taste finger-food here. You could also get a refreshing cup of coffee or tea, free of charge.
  • Restaurant “55” for all the runners will give 15 % discount for all the food and soft drinks.
  • Restaurant “Jurgis ir drakonas” for all the runners offers 15 % discount for all the food from their menu and invites to have a glass of in house made lemonade.
  • Gastro bar “Pelėdinė“ will also give 15 % discount for food.
  • Greek food restaurant “Rhodos” invites all the “Citadele Kaunas marathon“ runners to try their special healthy fruit coctails, free of charge.
  • Restaurant “Sena skrynia” for all the runners will give 10 % discount for food.
  • Restaurant “Medžiotojų užeiga“ for all the runners of the marathon will give 10 % discount for their bill.

In order to use these discounts at the restaurants & café from above, you will need to show your runner registration number or an e-mail (confirmation, that your registration was successful). The discounts will be available on the 8th and 9th of June.

Have a great time enjoying Kaunas, hope you will have a #kaunastic run!